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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Polished Concrete Flooring - the ultimate thing in Modern Flooring

Times have changed and so have the preference(s) of people. This holds true especially in the case of flooring choices in various residential and commercial setups. Instead of going for marble or tiled flooring options, everyone is making a beeline for polished concrete floors. So, what exactly are these floors and why is everyone going gaga over them? Let us take a look at some points given below and find out:

How is a Polished Concrete floor created?

Polished Concrete

There are numerous small processes, which combined together help create a polished concrete flooring. These include but are not limited to - steel troweling, burnishing, or honing the surface of the concrete. The end product is a shiny surface (concrete coatings), which can be modified to carry different colors and patterns to become aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. In fact, when you look at such floors, you can hardly tell them apart from stone floors which look attractive.

There are numerous unique varieties of such commercial and residential concrete floors, which you can avail. For instance, you can choose epoxy terrazzo flooring, which will give your floors a different design pattern, which you can flaunt with panache.

What are the benefits of polished concrete floorings?

They are sturdy: Regular floorings attract all sort of dirt and dust. Many a times, these accumulate between the sealing (think of grouts in tiled floors) or even create scratches on the surface. These types of wear and tear are a regular part and parcel of such floors. Hence, you have to shell out extra bucks to get them cleaned and restored back to their former glory. This is not the case with polished concrete floors, which are sturdy and durable. Although they have a high gloss finish, they do not wear out easily and last for years without the need of re-doing them. This also means that such floors are extremely low-maintenance.

Concrete Resurfacing
 They are healthy: Yes, this is an unbelievable but true fact. The regular floors teem with dust mites and as such, they become a breeding ground for dust related allergies and other diseases. For instance, think of tiled grout lines, which are known to have a buildup of moss, mildew, germs and what not, which are potentially harmful to your health. Polished concrete floors are dust free and hence, provide a clean environment. All in all, these are a healthy option to have in your office or home.

They increase visual appeal: You get a number of options in terms of designs in concrete overlays. These designs increase the visual appeal of your rooms and impress all your visitors as soon as they enter your home or office. Hence, all that you need to do is to contact some of the best concrete floor grinding contractors and ask them to provide the designs of your choice.

To sum it all up

So, this was all about polished concrete. If you too want to get them for your residence or commercial setup, just find out about the best companies that offer services in terms of concrete resurfacing in Melbourne. Cheers!


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